Our major wholesale supplier has access to a wide range of products and is a leader in electrical consumer items.

We only supply and use products and brand names that are of the best quality, such as Clipsal, HBM/Legrand, Robus and Hager. They are good value for money and importantly have a sound reputation. We know that all the manufacturers we use stand by their warranties, which is good news for you.

You can buy products yourself and we can install them, but you will be responsible for following up on the warranty if anything goes wrong. We only guarantee the work we do, not the product if we didn't supply it.

The best experience for you is to let us supply the product of your choice and install it, that way we guarantee everything. A more cost effective product, backed by manufacturer's warranty and you have complete peace of mind that we are looking after you.

We stand by our products, so when you need an electrician, think of Laser Electrical Bunbury and give us a call .