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We work with boutique building companies, but we also encourage you to bring your builder's construction plans to us so we can design lighting plans to meet specific needs of the individual areas of your home. Our plans ensure you have the power where you need it and the right lighting to illuminate your home brightly or subtly depending on the atmosphere and room being used.

We can include:

  • Task lighting for kitchens, bathrooms and home offices
  • Split system air conditioning
  • Solar Panel Systems
  • Ceiling fans
  • Feature lighting for particular areas or works of art
  • Ambient lighting that can be adjusted to suit your mood
  • Wiring for data and telecommunications
  • Latest technology for NBN WiFi
  • WiFi ceiling speakers
  • External security lighting for peace of mind
  • Garden lighting and much more

Warranty: We use only well known and trusted products that meet Australian Standards and are backed by manufacturers' warranties.

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