Our electricians will arrive at the right time, and are quick, efficient and tidy. We care about your property, clean up afterwards and guarantee our work.

What sets us apart is our dedication and focus on ensuring the highest possible quality of work.

We are the preferred contractor for many real estate and residential property managers across the South West - because they know they can trust us to do the job right the first time.

Economics and Safety: It is cost-effective for us to attend your home and do all the jobs at one time, rather than visit your home two or three times. Once we are on the premises, you will only be charged materials and time.

Comprehensive Report: If you're buying your first home, or another property, our whole of house electrical investigation and report on our findings before you purchase will give you peace of mind that you're buying a home with safe electrics. It's well worth the fee.

What We Can Do: We can supply and install new power points, upgrade old power points to the latest technology, check Residual Current Devices (RCDs), install or check smoke alarms, ceiling fans, install and maintain split air conditioners, supply and install cook tops, ovens, plus much more.

Cabling Tip: If you're going to replace your oven, before purchasing the replacement, speak to one of our friendly staff to ensure you buy an oven that suits the existing electrical cabling. If the new oven is more powerful than the old one, the circuit will need to be upgraded and this will be an extra cost to the quoted installation price.

Warranty: Remember it's more convenient to purchase products from us to install because we cover the warranty. If you purchase products and we install them, we only cover our electrical installation and not the warranty of the product. If anything goes wrong, you will have to contact the product manufacturer.

We're happy to answer all your queries, give us a call today.