Q: Why does my smoke alarm keep bleeping?

A: The battery inside the alarm needs to be changed for a new one and this will stop the bleeping. You should change the battery every year. Smoke alarms also have a use by date and should be replaced every ten years. Here are four reasons it will bleep:

1. Power not connected, no green light
2. Battery is dead
3. Faulty smoke alarm and needs replacement
4. There is a fire

Q: Do I need RCDs? I already have circuit breakers.

A: A circuit breaker protects the cable in the house against overloading and short circuits. RCDs constantly monitor the current in the active and neutral wires, which should be equal. When there is a difference, the RCD will trip and protect you against electrocution.

Q: When I use more than two or three appliances, I lose power and the RCD trips.

A: Residential current devices RCDs are switches installed for your safety and if one keeps tripping then it is time to check your appliances and premises. Tripping can be caused by a faulty appliance, faulty wiring and external sockets that are infested with bugs or ants or water ingress.

You can test appliances by unplugging all of them and then resetting the RCD. Systematically plug each appliance in the socket, when the RCD trips, you know it was the last one you plugged in.

For all other checks, it is best to give us a call, we will check the wiring and external sockets for water damage.

Q: I own my own home should I have RCDs?

A: Yes, RCDs are designed to protect you from electrocution and will give you peace of mind. Legislation introduced in 2000 required all new homes built after that date and all renovated homes to have RCDs installed on the power circuits.

Further legislation in 2009 required that all homes for sale must have a minimum of two RCDs installed and landlords must have RCDs covering lights and power in all rented properties.

Check in your meter box and if you don't have RCDs fitted, we can install them to protect you and your family from electrocution.

Q: If there a call out fee?

A: We do not charge a call out fee; our minimum fee is our hourly rate, which includes the first hour of labour.

Q: What areas do you cover?

A: We service Bunbury, Australind, Eaton, Harvey, Capel, Busselton and everywhere in between.

Q: How much will it cost me to get an electrician to my place?

A: If you need detailed work completed, ask us for a quote. Our quotes are FREE.

Q: Is your work covered by warranty?

Yes, we guarantee all the work we do. If we supply and install the products, we take care of the warranty for up to 12 months if anything goes wrong.

If you supply the product or appliance, we only guarantee the work that we do. If anything goes wrong with the product or appliance, you will have to follow up with the manufacturer.

It is more convenient for you to let us supply and install the product, that way we guarantee everything.

Q: Should I turn my computer off during a lightning storm?

A: If you think a storm is coming, protect your equipment by switching it off and physically disconnecting your computer (and smart TV) from the mains socket.

A power surge is an abrupt, large increase in voltage or current in the power supply that typically lasts a fraction of a second. But lightning is significantly more powerful and can produce tens of thousands of amps and exceed 100,000 volts. Invest in surge protection.

Q: What should I do if I get a zap or tingle from my taps?

A: Tingling from taps can occur for a variety of reasons. Give Laser Electrical a call and we will advise what to do or whether we should come out to the premises to find the problem and fix it.

Q: Can I do the small electrical jobs in my house?

A: No, electricity is lethal and only a licensed electrician can do any domestic or commercial electrical work. You risk your personal safety and the safety of your family and friends if you try to do the work yourself.

Always call Laser Electrical Bunbury for everything electrical.

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