Small and large manufacturing and production companies trust us to keep their electrical machinery and equipment operating effectively with the least amount of downtime. Here are four cases studies showing how we have helped our clients.

Activ Foundation

Activ Foundation is Western Australia's largest disability service provider to both adults and children. Since 1951, Activ has been enabling people to live with disability and allowing them to pursue a better life. In Bunbury, Activ has a manufacturing processing plant and makes pallets and bed bases.


Activ Foundation undertook a consolidation process that resulted in all the Perth metropolitan workshops being closed down and the machinery relocated to Bunbury. This meant the electrical installation at the Bunbury premises had to be extended to meet the new demand.


Before the consolidation, Laser Electrical carried out preventative maintenance and breakdown servicing. We have been providing a quick and reliable response and have a good working relationship with Activ.

We were engaged to design the electrical expansion to increase the electrical cabling and capacity. We consulted with an electrical engineer to calculate the size of the switchboard and sub-switchboards.

The size of the mains was increased along with the current for each phase, which necessitated extensive rewiring of the premises to accommodate all the new equipment.

As we were not given all the information about the equipment, we researched the machinery requirements to ensure all electrical cabling met the new power demand.


After all the switchboards and cabling were upgraded we installed and tested all the new machinery.

Activ has now engaged us to continue with preventative maintenance and breakdown servicing of all the machinery and cabling installations.

Austral Bricks

Austral Bricks has been operating for over 100 years. The manufacturing operations are continually upgraded and modernised to implement the world's best technology and environmental protection features.


Austral Bricks hired Laser Electrical Ballarat to install a new kiln to increase production at its facilities. As this was an eastern states contractor, it needed to collaborate with an electrical contractor with extensive knowledge of Western Australia's regulatory requirements.


The Laser Electrical Group has contractors in every state of Australia and in New Zealand, which enables one or more electrical contractors to work together on projects.

We were engaged to work alongside Laser Electrical Ballarat to upgrade the mains electrical supply: main switchboard and all the control cabling back to the kiln.


Our extensive knowledge of Western Australian legislative requirements and ticketing ensured that all work was carried out to meet WA regulations.

Fulton Hogan

Fulton Hogan is an International company and one of three providers contracted to rollout the National Broadband Network in Western Australia.


Fulton Hogan needed to work with an electrical contractor in Bunbury and various areas of the South West to meet the stipulated timeline for the rollout.


Fulton Hogan called tenders for electricians to provide services in Bunbury and the surrounding areas.

Laser Electrical Bunbury was awarded the contact based on its performance, local profile, comprehensive processes and systems, well-equipped work vehicles and its professional team of electrical contractors.

We had to show our safety systems were robust and met all of the current work health and safety requirements.

Laser Electrical was chosen because we are reliable and responsive and have systems in place. If something went wrong or there was an emergency, we had the same priority as Fulton Hogan to ensure NBN continued to make the required deadlines.

We also proved we have a strong administration team, as there is extensive paperwork required to meet the contract obligations. A smaller electrical contractor would have difficulty keeping up with the paperwork.

Laser Electrical is big enough to prioritise Fulton Hogan's needs and despite timeline rescheduling and critical deadlines plus a very quick turn-around, we were able to mobilise the right amount of resources to meet all deadlines.


We worked alongside Fulton Hogan and the rollout in Bunbury and surrounding areas has been completed on time.

When Fulton Hogan was scheduling the NBN rollout in Albany and Kalgoorlie, we were asked to tender. We had strong competition from electrical contractors in Perth and contractors that were geographically closer to Kalgoorlie. We won both contracts based on our performance and reliability, our aligned values with Fulton Hogan and our attention to detail.

We now have teams working in both regions.

Houghton Winery

Houghton Winery has been operating since 1836 and is now the tenth largest red and white bottle brand in Australia.


Houghton Winery at Nannup required a reliable electrical company for asset management and breakdown servicing of all winery equipment. Three months of the year, during vintage, Houghton operates 24/7 and the electrical company needed to be on call as required.


Houghton Winery engaged our services to provide planned asset maintenance of all machinery on a rolling schedule. All maintenance had to be conducted prior to vintage to ensure machinery was operating at peak performance.

We were also on call for all machinery breakdowns, before, during and after vintage.

As part of Houghton's continuous improvement, we were asked to upgrade all existing lighting to LED, which involved designing the rollout schedule and providing a cost benefit analysis.


As the lighting upgrade was successfully implemented, we were asked to upgrade all emergency and exit lighting throughout the plant.

Laser Electrical continues to be engaged in planned asset maintenance and provides a comprehensive breakdown response service.