Tips to Save Energy in Your Business

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Saving energy at your business isn't hard, but it does take a thoughtful approach and consistency.

Here are 23 tips that can really make a difference:

1. Install solar panels.

2. Change light bulbs to LEDs as they last longer and are more energy efficient that standard light bulbs. LED down lights can last up to 50,000 hours, 25 times longer than halogen down lights.

3. Install an energy meter on your switchboard to monitor energy use during the day.

4. Put a motion sensor light in the storeroom/photocopy room or install a lighting timer. Lights are often left on in this room.

5. Put motion sensor lights in the bathroom/toilet or install a lighting timer. Again, lights are often left on in these rooms.

6. Don't leave office equipment on standby overnight; always turn everything off at the wall at the end of the day.

7. During the day, run office equipment on standby mode if it is not in use all the time.

8. Keep control of the heating and cooling. Reducing the heating temperature by one degree and raising the air conditioning temperature by one degree will make a big difference to your electricity bill.

9. If you replace heating or cooling systems that are 10 years old with new efficient models, you can save up to 40% on your energy bills.

10. Fit draught excluders and make sure your premises are well insulated.

11. Keep windows and doors closed when heating or air conditioning is running.

12. Clean the windows and skylights regularly to maximise natural light.

13. Have individual lights on separate switches so you only turn on the light you need, not all the lights all at once.

14. If your business only uses hot water occasionally, consider changing to an instant hot water system instead of storage.

15. If you have an electric hot water storage system turn the temperature down to 50 degrees, you will use less power.

16. During holiday shut down times, always turn the electric hot water system off.

17. When buying or replacing equipment always choose models with excellent energy star ratings and models that power down after a user-specified time of inactivity.

18. Swap your computer screen saver for sleep/standby mode because when it is sleeping it only uses around 10% of energy compared to when it is powered up.

19. An electric jug draws a substantial amount of power to boil water and uses the same amount of power as a hot water system. Only boil the water you need.

20. Display “Turn Off Lights” signs near light switches.

21. On a Friday night have someone check all the lights and equipment to make sure they are all turned off before the weekend.

22. If your business uses compressed air make sure the system runs only when the compressor is in use. Reduce the discharge pressure to the minimum required by the system.

23. Create an energy efficient work culture and get your staff involved. If appropriate provide incentives to save energy.