RCDs and Smoke Alarms

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An RCD is a Residential Current Device (Safety Switch) and every home should have at least two RCDs fitted. They prevent you from being electrocuted by cutting the electricity supply if there is an imbalance in the current, e.g. a faulty appliance or burnt out power point. RCDs protect the power and lighting circuits and monitor the flow of electricity from the main switchboard.




The manufacturer recommends that RCDs be tested every month by pressing the test button on the RCD, which is located in the main switchboard. Pressing the test button simulates an earth leakage fault and indicates whether the RCD is operating correctly.

This is the sequence:

1. RCD is on (toggle switch is up)
2. Press test button (located beside toggle switch)
3. Safety Switch trips (this may be caused by faulty appliance)
4. Reset the toggle switch to the up (on) position

Electric clocks and timers will need to be reset after the test.

We recommend annual testing of RCDs by a licensed electrician to ensure compliance with electrical regulations.

If you're not sure about anything electrical in your home, talk to Laser Electrical Bunbury, we're happy to assist.

Safety Switch Trips

This is the sequence to reset it:

1. Safety Switch trips
2. Reset the Switch with the toggle in the up position (on)
3. Safety Switch trips again
4. Unplug all appliances
5. Reset the Safety Switch to the on position
6. Reconnect and switch on one appliance at a time until Safety Switch trips
7. Remove faulty appliance (the last one switched on in the sequence)
8. Reconnect other appliances
9. Reset the Safety Switch with the toggle in the up position (on)
10. Press the test button

If you're not sure how to do the test, one of our electricians will be happy to assist.

Smoke Alarms

Did you know there are two types of smoke alarms? Those that are mains powered and battery only powered alarms.

Since 1997, it has been law under the Building Code of Australia to install mains powered smoke alarms in new properties and any existing properties that have undergone significant renovations.

Smoke alarms with a non-removable ten year battery life are permitted in dwellings where the construction of the building does not permit a space to conceal the wiring and there is no other suitable alternative location or where mains power supply is not available.

Smoke alarms have a use by date of ten years then they have to be replaced. Some older smoke alarms need to have the back-up battery replaced every year, the latest models have rechargeable batteries.

From 1 October 2009 mains powered smoke alarms had to be fitted in all existing residential buildings prior to sale and when a new tenancy agreement was signed for rental properties. If there were no tenancy changes in rental properties, then mains powered smoke alarms had to be fitted by 1 October 2011.

Remember, only working smoke alarms save lives.

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