Lighting the Bathroom

Category: Learning Centre

Bathrooms are one of the hardest working rooms in the home. Men need to have good lighting when shaving and women need just the right lighting when applying makeup. This is called task lighting.

Task lighting using wall lights (called sconces) that illuminates without any shadows will provide the best and most even lighting. These lights with either globes or tubes should be installed at eye level on either side of the mirror.

Lights should have LED globes with 20-25 watts or compact fluorescents 24-26 watts which all provide the wattage equivalent of 75-100 watts worth of illumination.

These lights can be placed on a dimmer for times when brighter lights are not required.

We can also install designer lighting to highlight different aspects of the bathroom.

It is not as flattering to install lights above the mirror, including recessed lighting in the ceiling. This throws a strong light on to the forehead and casts deep shadows below the eyes, nose and chin.

This type of lighting is also visually aging and is not effective for shaving or applying makeup.

If your bathroom has only one fitting in the ceiling with a bright globe, we can turn this room into a delightful relaxing zone where you'll love to take a revitalising bath or aromatic shower.

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