Did you know split systems (non-ducted) are the most common type of air conditioners? Choosing the right wall mounted split system air conditioner for your home or business doesn't have to be daunting, talk to us about what you need.

Here are some questions you need to consider:

  • Do you want a reverse cycle air conditioner?
  • What is the size of the room or office where the air conditioner will be installed?
  • When you're measuring the room, make sure you note the size of the windows and the way they face. This will help to determine if you need a more powerful cooling or heating unit.
  • Where do you want the outdoor unit to be installed? Wall mounted? Back of building? Side of building? On the roof?
  • Do you need one or multiple units?

If you're not sure, give us call and book a free site visit.

Bring this information with you when you visit our office and we can help you make the right decision to suit the size of the rooms or offices to be cooled and the recommended installation requirements.

Selecting The Right Size

It is important to match the size of the air conditioning unit you select to the size of the room or office it is going to cool. The bigger the room, the more cooling capacity and power input is required. If air conditioners are under-sized, they will have to work harder, wasting energy and your money.

Your system may not run at peak efficiency if the ceiling in your home is not insulated or the room gets full afternoon sun.

We have included the following sizing chart to give you some idea of the capacity required to cool different sized rooms.

Room size (Metres) Capacity-Cooling (C)/Heating (H)
3.0m x 3.0m = 9m² 2.5KW(C) / 3.2KW(H)
5.0m x 5.0m = 25m² 3.5KW(C) / 3.7KW - 4.3KW(H)
5.5m x 5.5m = 30m² 3.5KW(C) / 3.7KW(H) - 5.0KW(C) / 6.0KW(H)
6.3m x 6.3m = 40m² 5.0KW(C) / 6.0KW(H) - 6.0KW(C) / 7.2KW(H)
6.7m x 6.7m = 45m² 6.0KW(C) / 7.2KW(H) - 7.1KW(C) / 8.0KW(H)
7.1m x 7.1m = 50m² 7.1KW(C) / 8.0KW(H) - 8.0KW(C) / 9.0KW(H)
7.7m x 7.7m = 55m² 8.0KW(C) / 9.0KW(H) - 9.2KW(C) / 10.0KW(H)

Air conditioning units for small rooms start from $1,600 fully installed.

If you're not sure about anything to do with unit size and capacity, especially if your room sizes are between those in the chart, we can help you to select the unit.

Warranty: You can purchase your own system and we can install it, but be aware that we will not cover the warranty if anything goes wrong. We recommend and can supply and install Mitsubishi Heavy Industries wall mounted air conditioners, which are known for their quiet operation, allergen-filtering system and have an impressive five-year warranty.

Laser Electrical Bunburys' advice is 'Totally Dependable'.

Maintenance: Do you have a regular maintenance schedule for your air conditioning units? If not, then you should, as this could save you money.

If your split unit or ducted system is not maintained regularly, it will not perform at its best and may use more electricity.

Filters need to be cleaned every year and replaced when necessary. When not in use mould and bacteria build up quickly in air conditioning units. Units may need to be maintained twice a year depending on how much they are used. Manufacturer's specifications usually stipulate when units need to be serviced.

Along with cleaning the filters, we also service the head unit and outside condenser to make sure they are working correctly.

We can put your air conditioner(s) on a regular maintenance schedule, and send you a reminder when the service is due. One less thing you need to worry about.

Give us a call today, it's that simple.