Free Electrical Safety Check 

Are you worried about the electrical safety of your home? Do you own your own home? We’re offering peace of mind at no cost to you. No obligations, just peace of mind.

Perth customers call us on 0423 043 811 and Bunbury call 9721 3774.

  • Do your RCD safety switches trip randomly?
  • Are your smoke alarms working correctly, do they cover all sleeping areas or have you been meaning to install them?
  • Is your lighting hot and the brightness of your lighting vary?
  • Is there asbestos in your switchboard?
  • Do you have old ceramic fuses in your switchboard?
  • Do you have cracked or broken power points and switches?

If you’re worried about the electrical safety of your home, maybe you have a young family or your home is older - here’s your opportunity to get a FREE electrical health check of your home. Our special offer to you, our valued customer.

Trust us with the electrical safety of your home. We guarantee our workmanship and only use trusted brands backed by manufacturers warranties

Take advantage of our FREE electrical safety check. No obligations, just peace of mind.

Every day you take it for granted that all the electrics in your home are still in the same condition as when they were first installed, but that isn’t correct. Electrics can deteriorate over time and need maintenance just like anything else.

If we find anything suspicious, we’ll let you know and provide a FREE consultation to repair, replace or install.

The electrical health of your home is vitally important, and our check will ensure all electrics are functioning correctly to keep you and your family safe.

Our FREE electrical safety consultation includes a visual inspection of your home's

  • Switchboard
  • RCD Safety switches
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Power & Lighting
  • Earthing

1. Switchboard

Every home has a switchboard that contains all the fuses, circuit breakers, safety switches, etc. If your switchboard has old ceramic fuses they can cause cables behind the board to heat up. Cables are often burnt which is a big fire hazard.

We will recommend they be changed to new circuit breakers and either upgrade them at the time of inspection or arrange a suitable time to revisit. There will be a charge for the upgrade.

Older homes often have asbestos switchboards which are a health hazard for you and your family. We can give you a cost for upgrading to a safe and compliant switchboard for your home electrics.

We also check the switchboard has room for extra circuits to accommodate a shed, new appliances, for example, spa, air conditioning, etc. and is correctly labelled for any future renovations you have planned

2. RCD Safety Switches

RCD safety switches protect occupants from electrocution by disconnecting the electricity flow faster than it takes for the electricity to get from your finger to your heart.

The first thing an insurance company asks, when you make a claim for electrics in your property, is whether RCDs have been checked regularly. If they haven’t, the company may not pay your claim. Regardless, of an insurance claim.

Our service includes:

  • Checking there are sufficient RCDs to cover power and lighting circuits
  • Ensuring they have been installed correctly
  • Completing an RCD injection test and recording trip times.

At the beginning of this year, new regulations came into force that require each new or replacement appliance to have its own RCD safety switch. We check to ensure this has been done.

If your switchboard has old ceramic fuses or a main switch as pictured, upgrading the switchboard will ensure it is safe and compliant. It also frees room for new appliances or new circuits for power and lighting if you're adding to or upgrading the electrics for a renovation or project.

If we find any faulty safety switches, we can arrange to replace them for you either at the time of inspection or at another suitable time. We can provide a quote for the replacement or installation cost.

3. Smoke Alarms

Did you know that smoke alarms have a use by date of ten years? And like any product can fail when you least expect it. If your alarms are older than ten years, they need to be replaced.

Our smoke alarm check covers:

  • Testing that the alarms are working correctly
  • Testing and checking that the smoke alarms are hard wired to the building electrics
  • Checking there are the correct number and they have been positioned correctly
  • Checking the date on the alarm to ensure it is still current
  • Checking batteries in all alarms are charged.

All smoke alarms must be wired into the home’s electrical circuit and work carried out by a licenced electrician. Battery powered alarms may be installed without local government approval in certain circumstances.

Smoke alarms only save lives if they are working correctly.

If your alarms are out of date, we can change them while we are on the premises or arrange another suitable time to do the work. We can provide a quote for the replacement or installation cost.

4. Power Points and Lighting

Power points and light switches work harder than we realise and need to be in good condition for safety.

Every time a power point is in use, it has 240 volts of electricity running through it. Over time, light switches can crack, buttons break, sockets can catch fire or power points can become loose in the wall. If any of these conditions are not repaired or replaced, they can become serious.

Although we have provided numerous newsletters about the safety and cost saving of changing old halogen lights to LEDs you need to understand these old technology lights get hot and can catch fire if used for an extended time.

Lighting should also be correctly earthed to avoid potential exposure to electric shock.

We will check all lighting and recommend any upgrades or changes where required.

5. Earthing

Every home has an earthing stake that ensures all the electrics in your home are correctly earthed to prevent potential electric shock. Electricity continuously flows and needs an outlet where it can be discharged. The job of the earth stake is to divert excess electricity to the ground where it dissipates. If there is no earth stake there is no quick route to the ground for electricity and in extreme cases, the occupant becomes the outlet for electricity, which can cause serious injury and in some cases death.

We check the earth stake is still in good condition, not broken and earthing correctly. If the stake is faulty, we will change it immediately to safeguard you and your family.