When you need a test and tag company you can trust now, you can totally depend on Laser Electrical Bunbury.

Regularly inspecting and testing electrical equipment can save lives. It helps identify damage, wear & tear and electrical faults.


If you operate a business, appliances that are in regular use should be inspected, tested and tagged every 3 months for portable tools and equipment and 12 months for office and kitchen appliances, this will ensure you meet the current Occupational Health and Safety and insurance requirement.

Our team will turn up when we say we will to test 1 item or 500 items, whenever you need. Our test and tag service includes:

  • Testing and tagging by a suitably qualified and competent technician
  • A comprehensive report detailing all items that have passed and have failed
  • A record of your Company’s appliances for future testing and tagging
  • An automatic quarterly and/or yearly reminder service so you can let us do the reminding at the right intervals
  • Creation of an appliance register for mine site and Worksafe compliance
  • A visual inspection of all appliances and replacement plugs as necessary

We use computerised software to record your test and tag results with individually barcoded tags to keep a record of your Company’s appliances. After the initial test and tag register is created, ongoing testing and tagging is more efficient and cost effective to ensure your business stays up to date and complies with Workplace Health and Safety standards.

Our thorough test and tag service meets Australian standards and complies with AS/NZS 3760:2010 for your peace of mind. Our equipment is calibrated annually to ensure readings are accurate. A copy the compliance certificate can be produced upon request.

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The colour of the tag identifies the time period an appliance tag is valid for as per AS/NZ 3012 which requires all portable equipment to be tested and tagged every 3 months for correct operation and classified using a time specific colour