All business premises should have RCDs (Residual Current Devices) installed on their switchboard. These devices protect power points and lighting circuits.

They save lives but only if they’re working correctly. They are the single most effective measure to prevent electrocutions, serious electrical injuries and fires in the workplace.

As with RCDs in residential properties, those in commercial, industrial and mining buildings should be tested every three months by pressing the test button, as a minimum to verify it is functioning properly.

When the button is pressed, if working correctly, the RCD switch should snap instantly into the ‘off’ position. If the RCD does not snap back into position, give us a call and we will investigate further.

For peace of mind, every 6 months a switchboard should have its RCDS injection tested (this induces a fault on the RCD to ensure it is tripping in the required minimum time and ensures the RCD is working correctly).

For insurance purposes to protect your business in case of an accident, we can issue a certificate of compliance once all RCDs prove to be working correctly.

We can set up in our system and send you an automatic reminder when injection testing is due at your workplace as required by your industry, so you don’t need to remember and your workplace is compliant year round for insurance and Workplace, Health & Safety purposes.

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