Laser Electrical Bunbury can help you with:

  • Upgrading existing lights and fittings
  • Installing new power points
  • Relocating power and lights
  • Installing dimmers on existing lighting
  • Installing ceiling fans
  • Energy saving lighting options
  • Installing timers and motion sensors on lighting.
  • Changing light globes of all shapes and sizes including strip lighting to LEDs so you can save on your power bills, and you will never have to change a bulb again.

Before Buying a Property

If you're thinking of buying a property to renovate or live in, one of the first things you should do before you buy is have it inspected by one of our licensed electricians. This service attracts a fee, but it will give you peace of mind and will help you understand the property and any electrical challenges you may face before you start.

Our electricians will check all wiring including wiring in the roof void to ensure it complies with all regulations and Australian standards. We know what to look for and the best way to make it safe.

Electrical hazards in a ceiling/roof space can be:

  • Exposed live electrical conductor/wiring
  • Electrical connections where the condition of wiring has deteriorated (often associated with older buildings)
  • Unused wiring left in the ceiling that has not been disconnected from the switchboard and is still live.
  • Past electrical work not performed by a competent person.

In 2010, a man in Victoria died when he touched old split-metal conduit while installing an aerial in the roof space of his home.

Don't let your renovator's dream turn into a nightmare.

Whether it's an existing property or one you are about to purchase, we can help you with light fittings, power outlets, security lighting, split system air conditioners, new hot plates, ovens and much more.

If you can't afford all of these new items straight away, we can help you to design a plan for their installation in the future.

Give us a call, we make electrical renovations easy.

Annual RCD & Smoke Alarm Maintenance Package at $130/Year

(including free replacement smoke alarms & batteries)

Never forget an annual electrical compliance check again!

With so many things to worry about, let us take care of electrical compliance on time, every time for your properties maintenance and we'll include replacement smoke alarms FREE of charge!

Sign up to our annual RCD and smoke alarm compliance maintenance program.